Due to demand for Lapua testing, the dates have been fully booked out in August.

Lapua confirm they will set up the second test bed to avoid disappointing their customers.

August 6-11

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Exclusive !  to Bisley Sports Wholesale , the Gamekeeper range from Celestron.

Thermotorch, 3 in 1 must have when out in the field, Torch, Hand warmer and Recharging for phones and mobile devises.

Thermocharge 2 in 1, as per above without the torch

Firecel  3 in 1 Torch ( with white and red lights, and SOS signalling for emergencies) hand warmer and recharge unit.

Contact Bisley Sports Wholesale for more details and trade prices.

NEW! Flatnose™ Match

The new Match cartridge from SK. The SK Flatnose™ Match is a newly-developed rimfire cartridge especially for rifle shooting at 50 m. The flat projectile tip optimizes ballistic properties, which improves precision. It is characterized by high reliability and optimal hit performance. Whether it is about intensive training or a competition, the SK Flatnose™ Match delivers exceptional results. Any goal can be reached with this premium ammunition, manufactured with greatest care and using our top technologies. Convince yourself. The new SK Flatnose™ Match.


NEW! Flatnose™ Basic

The new standard cartridge of the SK family. The SK Flatnose™ Basic is a new development in our standard line. It has a flattened projectile with improved ballistic properties and benefits from years of experience with developing and producing small caliber ammunition. This turns the SK Flatnose™ Basic into the right companion for training and competition. Stability and reliability. The new SK Flatnose™ Basic.

Walther KK500 „Ultra Light“

With the launch of the new KK500 at the end of 2015 we have set new standards for match small-bore rifles. The KK500 „Ultra Light“ complements the product range for shooters who prefer a short and light rifle. And the new KK500 „Ultra Light“ is certainly a real eye-catcher.

•650 mm “light barrel”
•Extremely short stock possible
•Long bolt knob (+ 15 mm), red anodized
•“Red Devil” laminated wood fore-end and S grip
•Silver-colored anodized stock carrier
•SPY Centra diopter
•WING chest rest in accordance with new rules

The big main compartment in combination with three “see-through” parts in the top enable even the 3 position shooters to carry the various equipment safe and clear
•New designed PVC “L-Form”, so that the bag can stand independently of the loading
•Strong, qualitative SBS zippers ensure a long lasting bag, even if there is a heavy usage
•The main compartment could be locked with a seperate locker to protect your worthy equipment for unauthorised access
•All grips are attched to the bottom part of the bag to eliminate the tractive power at the zipper while lifting the bag
•The base, which is riveted to the hard PVC plate, could be used for standing or lifting the bag
•Outstanding 1680D material
•80x40x40cm leads to a enormous volume of 128l