The big main compartment in combination with three “see-through” parts in the top enable even the 3 position shooters to carry the various equipment safe and clear
•New designed PVC “L-Form”, so that the bag can stand independently of the loading
•Strong, qualitative SBS zippers ensure a long lasting bag, even if there is a heavy usage
•The main compartment could be locked with a seperate locker to protect your worthy equipment for unauthorised access
•All grips are attched to the bottom part of the bag to eliminate the tractive power at the zipper while lifting the bag
•The base, which is riveted to the hard PVC plate, could be used for standing or lifting the bag
•Outstanding 1680D material
•80x40x40cm leads to a enormous volume of 128l


Ever since Sheree retired from shooting, her attention and drive has been in getting her qualifications In sports therapies and massage. Then getting her business “Podium Therapies” up and running.
Now fully qualified with a thriving business, Sheree found herself in the trophies again !

On Friday 17 November in Leamington Spa, the “Federation of Holistic Therapists ” held their “2017 FHT Members’ Dinner and Excellence Awards Presentation”.
Sheree making the short list of three, was joined by her family and friends, and they were all thrilled when Sheree came away with the top prize “Sports Therapist of the Year”

Bisley Sport Wholesale would like to add their congratulations for all your achievements.

Podium Therapies can be found just outside Cardiff, if you’re in sports or just need some to unwind, give Sheree a call for more details or visit her website.

Phone: 02921 280660


NEW Negrini Stock

New stock of Negrini cases available for Rifle and Shotgun , IF its not listed, Please call for prices and availability

A range of the 1640 series
1661 ISY
1640 C ISY
1607 SEC
1601 ISY


Lapua Batch Testing – Bisley 2017.

Only 4 slots left in JUNE PM 5th June 3-5 August 13 – 19
Call… BSW 01483 485590 to book your slot NOW !

Negrini Cases

Negrini cases now available through BSW.

In stock, 1640 C ISY
1640 C
1640C PP KEY
1661 ISY – T

sample pics below

LG400 Anatomic Expert, right, M-grip

Match Air Rifle

Go for gold with WALTHER guns.
Successful sportsmen choose WALTHER. They have garnered gold medals and titles with air guns of the LG300XT Series. How can this string of victories be continued in the future? The reply of WALTHER‘s engineers: with the LG400.

Your personal high-tech precision rifle.
The WALTHER development center has created a high-tech precision rifle that‘s ahead of its time: pointing the way forward with its functionality and with its wide range of features. Assemble for yourself an air rifle matching your requirements in full, and start to prepare for your competition. With the LG400 you‘re a winner – as a club member or as an Olympic participant.

LG400 Anatomic EXPERT:
· Compressed air system for 300 and 200 bar
· Modular system for personal features and upgrades.
· Individually adjustable center of gravity and weight distribution
· EQUALIZER magnetic absorber system
· Pressure reducer with QUICKCLEAN air filter
· Aluminium cylinder with pressure gauge
· Ergonomically shaped loading lever can be placed on the left-hand or right-hand side
· Carbon fiber barrel jacket
· ECO valve technology:
– Minimal opening pulse
– Reduced shot development time
· Breech: convenient loading, precise pellet guidance
· Loading status indicator
· Dry firing trigger
· VARIO trigger for extremely fine settings
· Laminated wood stock with a wide range of settings and T-slot rail
· Precision stock length and cheek piece setting
· 3D grip adjustment with MEMORY effect
· Infinitely adjustable fore-end with knee joint
· Light metal butt plate MEC CONTACT III
· Absolutely tension-free barrel mounting
· INSIGHT-OUT match diopter, CENTRA SCORE foresight holder
· sight elevation BLOCK CLUB
· Barrel weight
· Gun case and accessories